Maintenance measures for anticorrosive wood furniture

2020-09-08 17:50:59 hongling

Maintenance measures for anticorrosive wood furniture

Preservative wood is very common in our lives. Today, the editor will introduce the maintenance measures for anti-corrosion wood furniture.

Adhere to the constant humidity of the room. Excessive moisture absorption will cause the furniture to expand and deform, and excessive drying will cause the furniture to crack. For the adjustment of humidity, you can use air conditioning to dehumidify, open windows to change humidity, mopping and wiping anti-corrosion wood furniture to humidify, or Adjust the dryness and humidity by growing flowers and grass.

Anticorrosive wood and furniture should not be placed in the sun or close to heat sources such as stoves, air conditioners, etc., should not be close to the pool, and should not be in an uncovered ventilated place, which will easily cause local cracking, deformation and paint film on the wood. Local qualitative changes occur.

Do not scratch hard metal products or other sharp tools to hit the wooden furniture, so that the appearance of the furniture will appear. Because once the paint film is damaged, it is almost impossible to repair and restore. Once the scratches and dents appear, you can use a cotton ball or paintbrush to make the furniture appearance. Apply shoe polish in a similar color to cover up.