Why can Guizhou anticorrosive wood outdoor furniture become the mainstream?

2020-09-08 17:42:01 hongling

Why can Guizhou anticorrosive wood outdoor furniture become the mainstream?

1. Strong stability.

The treatment process of anticorrosive wood is divided into three steps, namely: vacuum and high pressure impregnation, high temperature qualitative, and natural air drying. Through vacuum and high-pressure impregnation, the preliminary treatment of anti-corrosion wood is realized, and then the preservative is continued to penetrate into the anti-corrosion wood as evenly as possible at high temperature, further destroying the living environment of bacteria and insects that cause wood rot, and greatly consolidating and enhancing the anti-corrosion Anticorrosive properties of wood.

2. Long service life.

Preservative wood can withstand outdoor wind and sun for a long time. In addition to preservative treatment, the wood itself has also been specially selected. For example, European red pine, American southern pine and other wood can be closely combined with preservatives, so the use time is longer, and some can reach as long as 30 years.

3. High security.

Consumers are concerned about the safety of furniture materials. Anticorrosive wood, as the name suggests, is a material processed with preservatives. Preservative wood generally uses CCA wood preservative, which is suitable for outdoor use and meets international environmental protection standards. Of course, it also contains natural preservative wood such as pineapple grid and camphor wood