Can anticorrosive wood be used for bathroom decoration?

2020-09-08 17:28:06 hongling

It is said that this kind of wood has fast drainage in terms of anti-corrosion and has a certain degree of slip resistance, which is very suitable for families with the elderly and children. Anticorrosive wood itself is a kind of wood material, but due to its strong corrosion resistance, it is currently widely used in bathroom decoration. There are more wood grains on the outside of the anticorrosive wood, which is warmer than a tiled house. No wonder many families are now installing anti-corrosion wood.

An important aspect of the bathroom consideration is drainage, because when we take a bath, whether it is wet or dry, more water will be produced. If the drainage speed is too slow, there may be water at this time, which is very simple to cause water seepage. After the anticorrosive wood itself is installed, there will be a certain gap between each piece of wood, which speeds up the water discharge rate and greatly reduces the possibility of water. There are gaps between the anti-corrosion wood, which can not only increase drainage, but also must have a non-slip effect. In the shower, if our bare feet or slippers are not slippery, we may slip and fall. This situation will be improved after installing anti-corrosion wood.