Fixed suspension laying method of anticorrosive wood

2020-09-08 17:17:02 hongling

The following editor will introduce the fixed suspension laying method of anticorrosive wood.

1. Treatment of the base of the wood structure: During the design and construction, the air circulation between the anti-corrosion wood and the ground should be fully maintained, which can more effectively extend the life of the base of the wood structure.

2. When making and installing the anti-corrosion wood flower stand, a gap of 0.2-1CM should be left between the anti-corrosion wood (the size of the gap is determined according to the moisture content of the wood, and the moisture content of the wood should not exceed 0.8CM when it exceeds 30%) to avoid rain accumulation Expansion of water and anticorrosive wood.

3. For square columns with a thickness greater than 50mm or greater than 90mm, a slot can be opened in the center of the back to reduce cracking.

4. The hardware should be made of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized or copper to avoid rust and corrosion in the future. When connecting and installing, please drill holes in advance to avoid cracking of anticorrosive wood.

5. Use the existing size and shape as much as possible. The damaged parts of the processing should be painted with preservatives and outdoor protective coatings; because the anticorrosive wood itself is a semi-finished product, the rough part can be finished after the wood moisture content drops below 20%, and then sand After the surface is cleaned up, you can also apply outdoor protective coatings if you want better results. If it is rainy or cloudy, cover it with a plastic sheet first, and then apply outdoor protective paint after the weather is clear. (Avoid rain soaking within 24 hours after painting)