Why is Guiyang wood not durable?

2020-09-08 17:08:58 hongling

Guiyang Anticorrosive Wood

The following editor will introduce to you what is the reason why Guiyang anticorrosive wood is not durable?

1. The preservative processing of wood is not done well

If the wood is not preservatively treated before leaving the factory, or the treatment is insufficient, the drug penetration is not uniform, and the penetration is not deep enough, it will cause its anti-corrosion and insect-proof ability to decline, and its use time will also be reduced.

2. Environmental factors

In actual use, anticorrosive wood is often used in parks and watersides. Although it has the ability to prevent moisture, it is also saturated. Long-term exposure to sunlight, water vapor erosion, and durability will also decline, which cannot be achieved for a long time. Time of use.

3. Artificial conservation

Artificial maintenance is not the reason to reduce the use time of anticorrosive wood, but a maintenance method that can make it use longer. After a period of use, it can be cured once, and the protective layer can be rebuilt to make it durable Performance and service life have been improved.