How to choose anticorrosive wood flooring?

2020-09-08 16:53:58 hongling

Anticorrosive wood floor

Regarding the installation of anti-corrosion wood flooring, you can ask professional and technical personnel to install it. They have rich experience and skilled technology to make the owner more at ease, but the purchase of anti-corrosion wood flooring materials with reasonable prices still needs to be selected in the wood market. After all, anti-corrosion wood flooring is also divided into several styles and several grades of quality. In the face of so many kinds of wood, how to screen and choose satisfactory anti-corrosion wood flooring?

How to choose anticorrosive wood flooring?

1. For intentional anti-corrosion wood floors, dealers are required to provide relevant quality certification documents. Significant and valuable documents generally include anti-corrosion pressure treatment production license, environmental protection certificate, product quality certification system certificate, commodity inspection certificate, etc. The relationship between these documents Whether the wood meets the requirements of good quality, environmental protection and safety, and harmless to the human body.

2. Identify the quality of anticorrosive pressure treatment of anticorrosive wood floors. The wood floor preservatives are all over the wood. Pay attention to observe whether the wood is clean and uniform for the preservatives, which means that all the preservatives permeate into the side cutters to ensure the preservative effect.

3. Identify the quality of the anticorrosive wood floor material. It can be judged by observing the density of the annual rings on the wood. If the annual rings are thinner, it means that the wood grows slowly, gradually, and the quality is good.

4. Identify the stability of antiseptic wood floor preservatives. You can use the immersion method to soak the wood floor in water. The smaller the change in water color, the more stable the wood preservative and the better the corrosion resistance.

5. Identify the processing quality of anticorrosive wood flooring. The specifications are uniform, the error is small, and the processing quality is good. You can first see whether the specifications are correct and tidy from the wood as a whole. Generally, the error of the thinner plate is less than one millimeter; the overall error of the larger specification material should not be more than two millimeters. Generally, the specifications are neat and there is basically no error through the materials under the production line. However, manual processing materials have large errors, which will cause difficulty in construction. In addition, for planed materials, you also need to look at the quality of the surface planed. Smooth and natural is better.

For most consumers, anti-corrosion wood flooring is indeed still a relatively new vocabulary, but as long as you understand its performance and function, you will also have a clear direction when purchasing. In order to finally purchase a satisfactory material, the consumer market you choose will also It is very important to go to the formal large-scale timber market as much as possible, so that the quality of valuable anticorrosive wood flooring is more guaranteed.