What processes must be passed through anticorrosive wood fence before use

2020-09-08 16:51:17 hongling

As people's requirements for home environment and house decoration are increasing, many modern people choose to use first-class anti-corrosion wood fences as part of their home decoration to add fun to home design. Although the anticorrosive wood fence looks noble and natural, but its price is not high, and the average family can also afford it. The following is an introduction to some processes before the use of reasonable price anticorrosive wood fence.

What processes must be passed through anticorrosive wood fence before use

Vacuum high pressure immersion

This process is the key link for anticorrosive wood fence. By injecting preservatives into the wood, it can kill some biological components that may cause decay, such as starch, cellulose, sugar, etc., and further damage the living environment of bacteria, pests and diseases, and improve its antiseptic performance.

High temperature qualitative

The qualitative high temperature is a further improvement link of the anticorrosive wood fence based on the vacuum and high pressure soaking. At high temperatures, preservatives can effectively and deeply penetrate into the interior of the fence, continuously ending the possible biological decay components in the wood, and continuously compressing and even eliminating the growth space of pests and bacteria.

Naturally dried

Natural air drying has two functions. The first is to stabilize the performance of the preservatives in the first two stages and continuously distribute excess preservatives; the second is to adapt the anticorrosive wood fence to the future use environment and form a stable wood cell layout as soon as possible to adapt to future applications. Natural air-drying is generally the last step in the process of anti-corrosion wood fences, and its stability is related to the final use of wood fences. Anticorrosive wood fences that have undergone natural air-drying can generally be directly put into use.

The above mentioned are some manufacturing processes before the use of anticorrosive wood fence. It can be seen that for anticorrosive wood fences, it needs to go through complicated processes when it is really used in home decoration, hotel decoration, garden decoration and other places. Therefore, when purchasing anti-corrosion wood fences, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer's treatment process, control level, and completion of process goals for these processes, so as to select valuable anti-corrosion wood fences.