What are the purchase skills of anti-corrosion wood fence

2020-09-08 16:48:14 hongling

What are the purchase skills of anti-corrosion wood fence

The first-class anticorrosive wood fence has the characteristics of "enclosure without boring, continuous separation" and conforms to the ancient Chinese aesthetic concept of implicit beauty. Therefore, it is widely used in ancient garden design and courtyard decoration, and has been carried forward by the skilled craftsmen of the past generations. Passed down from generation to generation, the design of wooden fence reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Nowadays, with the retro thoughts sweeping across the architectural decoration industry, valuable anticorrosive wood fences have once again attracted the attention of modern people. The following is an introduction to the purchase skills of anti-corrosion wood fence.

What are the purchase skills of anti-corrosion wood fence

Choose the right level

Different places where fences are used should have different anti-corrosion grades. Generally speaking, in indoor environments such as commercial plazas, bars, coffee shops, and western restaurants, the role of fences is more in terms of decorative beauty, with a slightly lower anti-corrosion level. For anti-corrosion wood fences used in outdoor environments such as tourist attractions, villas, and golf courses, the anti-corrosion level should be slightly higher.

Manufacturer strength

The strength of the manufacturer is not only the huge sales volume or sales on the surface, but also the technological precipitation in the production process of many products. These empirical technologies can make the anticorrosive wood fence have a certain degree of safety, and its anticorrosion performance is also guaranteed. When choosing, try to give priority to companies with large annual factory scale, complete varieties, long history and good reputation in China.

View test report

Domestic authoritative organizations will issue a certain test statement for each batch and type of anti-corrosion wood fence. In addition to determining the reliability of the test statement, it is necessary to carefully check whether the product's anti-corrosion grade and standards are consistent with the standards required by the place of use. Make the final purchase decision.

The above mentioned are a few tips for purchasing anticorrosive wood fence. Generally speaking, anti-corrosion wood fences have the advantages of anti-termite, anti-corrosion, and anti-fungal growth after a certain process. It can meet the general needs of modern buildings, and you may choose to boldly choose it when you are decorating and designing to create a fresh and natural, back to basics, retro and elegant architectural style.