The detailed process of processing anti-corrosion wood fence timber

2020-09-08 16:45:34 hongling

Anticorrosive wood fence is a very protective and ornamental wooden fence. Good quality and low price anticorrosive wood fence wood materials can be used outdoors with carbon dioxide, air, water and carbon dioxide on the basis of a special anti-corrosion processing process. Make full contact with the land environment. The function of anti-corrosion wood fence is to prevent corrosion, insects, fungus, etc. It is widely used in the construction industry. Next, what are the processes of wood processing for anticorrosive wood fences?

The detailed process of processing anti-corrosion wood fence timber

1. Pass high-pressure impregnation under vacuum. Among all the processing steps of anti-corrosion wood fence, this process belongs to the most important one. First of all, such steps ensure that high-quality preservatives penetrate into the wood material center of the wood fence. Moreover, some elements of the local preservative and the starch, fiber components and even carbohydrates from the wood material fully exhibit chemical reactions with each other. This creates an environment that is not conducive to the growth of various kinds of bacteria and fungi for the anti-corrosion wood fence, and brings good outdoor anti-corrosion effects and effects and performance for the anti-corrosion wood fence.

2. Qualitative at higher temperature. On the basis of a higher temperature environment, the preservatives can be evenly penetrated into the material structure of the anti-corrosion wood fence, and at the same time, the starch, fiber elements and carbohydrates from the wood material can be continuously deepened and preservatives. The necessary elements are combined. The purpose of this step is to deeply damage the breeding environment of various bacterial groups that lead to the corrosion of anticorrosive wood fences, which is conducive to the preservation of anticorrosive wood fences against insects and bacteria for a long time under different outdoor conditions.

3. It can be dried in natural environment. This step process requires that the wood material of the anti-corrosion wood fence is air-dried in the process of specific operation and use. The purpose of this process is to fully comply with the outdoor conditions, the internal bacteria caused by the influence of geographical factors on the wood materials and plates. The group organization status has been adjusted and adapted, so that the anti-corrosion wood fence itself can be fully stabilized when it is continuously adjusted and adapted to the local environment, and hidden dangers caused by the use process and the impact of the geographical environment are fully eliminated.

These are the detailed procedures in the processing of anticorrosive wood fences. Therefore, weighing the quality and service life of the best-selling anti-corrosion wood fence and the effective period are all from the above. Of course, there are more objective factors, such as whether the manufacturer of anti-corrosion wood fence and manufacturing technology are mature and in place, and whether the objective environment in which the anti-corrosion wood fence is located is dry or humid, and whether there are surrounding areas. Acidic ingredients and salt spray, etc.