Four commonly used raw materials for anticorrosive wood fences

2020-09-08 16:37:20 hongling

The first-class anti-corrosion wood fence is made by vacuum extraction of air, injection of preservatives, high temperature pressure, and extraction of preservatives. In the production of valuable anti-corrosion wood fences, exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous production have an important influence on the performance of anti-corrosion wood fences. But its raw materials are also a factor that affects its anti-corrosion performance. The following is an introduction to the four commonly used raw materials for anticorrosive wood fences.

Nordic Pine

As the name suggests, the Nordic red pine was originally produced in Northern Europe. After being treated with a certain anti-corrosion process, it has the advantages of preventing wood corrosion, preventing termite breeding and erosion, etc., and it can contact with water or wet land without rot. Therefore, it is widely used in bridge guardrail production, park fence design, pond corridor edge, etc.

Pinus sylvestris

Russian pine wood can be directly processed by the high-pressure osmosis method for the anti-corrosion process of the anti-corrosion wood fence. After the treatment, the original texture of the wood can be completely retained. Therefore, its beautiful surface texture and strong and strong material are popular. It is widely used in the fence making of wooden plank roads, garden fences and pier seawalls.

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar itself contains antiseptic biological ingredients. Generally, no artificial preservatives need to be added during the production of antiseptic wood fences, which can be called pure natural antiseptic wood. And its performance is stable, the structure is strong, and it is not prone to deformation. It is generally used in the construction of fences in humid environments or harsh environments, and has been continuously praised.

Southern Pine

The absorption of preservatives by southern pine is omni-directional, which can directly reach the inside of the wood core. Therefore, the anti-corrosion wood fence made by Southern Pine can be cut at will during the installation design without the need to consider repainting the anti-corrosion agent.

The above mentioned are several manufacturing raw materials for anticorrosive wood fence. The raw material is the essence of anti-corrosion wood fence, and the performance of its wood raw material determines its anti-corrosion process, use place or fence price. When selecting anti-corrosion wood fences, you must understand its raw materials and origins in order to select suitable fence products so that the life and style characteristics of the fence meet the requirements of function and style.