Compared with preservative wood, what are the disadvantages of ordinary wood?

2020-09-08 16:26:24 hongling

Anticorrosive wood is often used in outdoor flooring, garden landscape engineering, etc. because of its anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-fungal, insect-proof, anti-mildew and waterproof properties. As everyone's awareness of environmental protection is gradually strengthened, more and more People like to use wood in decoration, and there are many kinds of wood, some can be used as building materials, some can't. In addition, it is necessary to distinguish the most suitable wood according to the use and environment. Take the most common wood, it has the touch and color closest to nature, pure, without other processing, but Compared with preservative wood, what are the disadvantages of it?

   1. Uneven color and dull surface

   It is said that "there are no two identical pieces in the world", and naturally there will not be exactly the same wood. Not only can the color of unprocessed wood not be uniform, the surface of the wood will also be rough and not smooth enough.

   2. Easy to crack and deform

   Wood that has not undergone any treatment is often the favorite "food" of bacteria and insects. According to the fact that it cannot withstand wet rain and the gnawing of insects, this phenomenon will become more and more serious as time progresses.

   3. High moisture content

   If the felled wood is used directly, the moisture content in the wood is very high at this time. If the environment used is also humid, it will only increase the internal moisture content of the wood, which will not benefit the wood.

   4. Low recycling rate, causing a lot of waste

   In summary, we can know that the service life of ordinary wood will not be too long, and wood cannot be recycled, which greatly increases the frequency of replacement and causes waste of wood.

   The emergence of anti-corrosion wood solves the above problems faced by most ordinary woods. After professional anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion wood has excellent anti-corrosion, insect-proof and moisture-proof performance. This alone has defeated most woods. In this way The service life of wood is prolonged and the pressure on forest protection in our country is effectively relieved.