How to distinguish true and false preservative wood

2020-09-08 16:25:28 hongling

Now Yunnan preservative wood houses are more and more widely used, so do you know how to distinguish the authenticity of Yunnan preservative wood.

       A. With natural log fragrance.

       B. The surface of the wood grain is uneven, tidy and clear, and the connection and inlay are tight and there is no gap.

       C. Whether it is carbonized at high temperature, look at the cross-section of the wood where the wood is inlaid, the whole is dark reddish brown, the surface is carbonized, but the surface is dark reddish brown, and the interior is still raw wood color. Moisture content is less than 6%, shrinkage rate is less than 5%

       D. Whether the roof of the wooden pavilion adopts three-layer waterproof treatment