Misunderstandings to avoid when buying preservative wood

2020-09-08 16:24:23 hongling

Remember not to walk into these misunderstandings when buying preservative wood products. Anti-corrosion wood flooring can effectively prevent the erosion of microorganisms. Which Kunming anti-corrosion wood manufacturer is better to prevent insects, while being waterproof and anti-corrosive, so you can enjoy the harsher environment in the wild without worrying about it. Which Kunming anticorrosive wood manufacturer is good as an anticorrosive wood for field use, its own thermal expansion and contraction, so it is impossible to completely avoid deformation.

      Therefore, when laying anticorrosive wood floors, it is usually necessary to make a floor with gaps, and it is framed like a hollow one, which can be opened at any time to facilitate cleaning or picking up fallen things. Anticorrosive wood flooring is the title of finished products after general wood has been treated with anticorrosion. After the anti-corrosion treatment, the performance of the general wooden floor is greatly improved, reaching the functions of anti-corrosion, mildew, moth and termites. Anticorrosive wood flooring is one of the most widely used wild woods today.

      Outdoor wood flooring is dedicated to outdoor environments and can be directly used in environments that are in contact with water and soil. It is the preferred material for outdoor wood flooring, garden landscape flooring, outdoor wood channels, terrace flooring, outdoor boardwalks and other outdoor anticorrosive wood trees. Conventional anti-corrosion wood is strictly controlled internal moisture when leaving the factory to ensure that the possibility of wood deformation and cracking is minimized.

      In use, the humidity of the device environment will gradually increase the moisture content of the anti-corrosion wood, which will cause the wood to deform, crack and even decay. In order to prevent this situation, the log manufacturer will apply a maintenance layer such as wood wax oil or varnish when installing the anticorrosive wood products for you, and add another layer of maintenance on the basis of the moisture resistance of the anticorrosive wood. However, this maintenance is only temporary.

      After the Kunming Anticorrosive Wood Factory has passed the constant erosion and people's wear and tear, we need to repaint the surface of the anticorrosive wood every two years or so to make it resistant to corrosion and moisture for a long time. Which Kunming anticorrosive wood manufacturer is better? If it is an indoor family with anticorrosive wood flooring, then these issues do not need to be considered. For our health, the indoor environment will not be too humid. On the contrary, proper humidity can make preservative wood more elastic and can be used for a long time.