Advantages of preservative wood over natural wood

2020-09-08 17:03:44 hongling

Natural wood has natural color and beautiful markings; in addition, it also has the advantages of insulation and minimal conductivity to electricity and heat. However, from the point of view of utilization, it also has many defects. It is hygroscopic, and absorbs or emits water due to the unevenness of the relative humidity of the environment and the change of the season, resulting in swelling or shortening of the wood, and this property makes the wood prone to cracking and warping during the drying process, changing the original shape and Standards and standards affect the use value of wood; in addition, wood is also susceptible to corrosion by biological fungi, which reduces the use value of wood.

      Precisely because the wood has the above defects, it is very necessary to preservatively treat the wood. Unpreserved wood and wood products are susceptible to insect infestation and decay, and have a very limited service life. If there is no wood that has passed the preservative treatment, it cannot be used for outdoor decoration at all, so Kunming preservative wood comes from this. The wood that has been treated with antiseptic has a beautiful surface, is strong, light in weight, and has strong processing functions. It is the primary decoration wood for outdoor decoration products; and the service life of wood after antiseptic treatment can be as long as 30-50 years. In this application process, the natural lines will not disappear.