Features of light wood structure house construction

2020-09-08 15:02:04 hongling

The construction methods and technical characteristics of light wood structure buildings in Yunnan Light wood structure buildings can generally be divided into two parts: foundation and superstructure.

      The foundation generally adopts the form of reinforced concrete structure, the upper part adopts the form of wood structure, and the upper and lower structures are connected together by connecting members embedded in the concrete foundation. The upper structure part consists of three parts: wooden frame, wall filler, frame cladding and decoration materials.

      Wood structure frame: It is composed of small cross-section material components assembled at a certain interval into plate-shaped composite components, such as wall panels, roof trusses, etc. After each layer of wall is installed, the construction floor structure forms the construction operation platform of the upper structure. The construction roof truss on the roof part replaces the floor beams, and the roof trusses are covered with roof panels to form the wooden frame of the whole house.

      After the wooden frame is formed: lay water, electricity, gas and other pipelines in the frame; the outer wall is covered with OSB waterproof structural panels, breathable waterproof membranes and other outer wall materials; filled with thermal insulation cotton and inner walls according to design requirements One side of the surface is covered with fireproof gypsum board, etc., forming a box-shaped structure system composed of basic components such as walls, floors and roofs. As a statically indeterminate structural system, its structural strength is mainly obtained through the joint action of structural components (frame) and secondary structural components (wall panels, floor panels and roof panels).

      The materials used in Yunnan light wood structures mainly include dimension wood, structural composite wood, glulam, I-wood joists, light wood quilting, wood-based structural panels, etc. Dimension lumber is solid sawn lumber made according to a certain size and modulus for the assembly of structural frames, including wall studs, floor joists, roof rafters, etc. Structural composite wood, glulam, and I-beam joists are mainly used as structural beam members. The common feature of these materials is that the structural glue for wood is processed and bonded according to the needs of use, forming a structural member that has significantly improved performance than the original wood. For example, the single span of the I-shaped wooden joist beam can reach 18 meters, which is difficult to achieve with solid wood specifications. Light wood quilting frame is a quilted frame beam assembled from specification materials for floor and roof. The quilting frame joints are connected by galvanized toothed plates. Wood-based structural panels (OSB panels, etc.) are used as wall and floor covering panels. In addition to covering and bearing pressure, they also transmit and bear transverse shear forces such as wind load and seismic load.

      Yunnan light wood structure building has outstanding technical characteristics, high degree of industrialization of products and components, complete specification series, simple construction technology, easy control of construction quality, dry construction on site, fast construction speed, good structural integrity, excellent earthquake resistance, architectural modeling Easy to implement, making building effects more diverse, energy saving**, building materials ecological and environmental protection, recyclable, etc. In terms of the construction of light wood structure houses, Lianzhong Wood also has an excellent reputation in the industry. The light wood structure houses it produces have the following four advantages:

      1. Safe and reliable-the light structure system has strong energy absorption capacity and can withstand various natural disasters such as strong earthquakes, hurricanes, and snow disasters;

      2. Thermal insulation and energy saving——Compared with the brick-concrete composite thermal insulation wall, the heat consumption of the advanced outer protective structure can save 40% to 50%. The air layer above 15mm improves the heat insulation effect of the house;

      3. Flexible design—especially for light structure buildings, adding a more attractive appearance to the roof, making complex shapes possible. This is unmatched by brick-concrete structure;

      Fast construction-light weight, high strength, making design and construction simple and fast. Reduce construction time, save construction cost, low noise, clean site, and ensure the normal life of residents.