Wood plank road anticorrosion is the key

2020-09-08 17:08:15 hongling

Wood plank road anticorrosion is the key

      The anticorrosive wood plank is processed by preservatives, and whether the preservatives are harmful to the human body, what kind of preservative processing must be selected to be safer, these are probably the most concerned issues for consumers. Kunming anti-corrosion wood certainly has anti-corrosion effect, so it will be used as a material for outdoor flooring more often. Kunming anticorrosive wood flooring can effectively prevent the erosion of microorganisms and insects, while being waterproof and antiseptic, so it can withstand the harsh outdoor environment without bothering to take care of it.

      However, as an outdoor anticorrosive wood, its thermal expansion and contraction have not been specially controlled, so the deformation is more serious. When laying anticorrosive wood flooring, it usually needs to be made into a floor with gaps, and it is framed like a hollow one, which can be opened at will to facilitate cleaning or picking up fallen things.

      Kunming anticorrosive wood is one of the main uses of anticorrosive wood plank roads. In addition, Kunming anticorrosive wood can also be used to make other outdoor products, such as tables and chairs, swings, grape racks, and even wooden houses, just like we are abroad It’s common in my home yard. Nowadays, more and more people in China are living in villas. It is also a kind of fun to set up some anticorrosive wood furniture in their yards.

      The price of anticorrosive wood furniture in Kunming is not expensive, and is similar to that of ordinary furniture. Although it looks rough in appearance, it is more in line with the natural style.