Life is inseparable from preservative wood

2020-09-08 15:01:23 hongling

In recent years, some cities in my country have built a large number of anticorrosive wood plank roads, leisure trails, chairs, flower boxes, shelters, swings, trash cans and other outdoor works in municipal engineering, parks and residential communities. Garden landscape works are more popular among people.

      Kunming anticorrosive wood has basic functions such as anti-termite, fungus and corrosion resistance. It also has the characteristics of good permeability and strong resistance to loss. It can inhibit the change of the moisture content of the processed wood and reduce the degree of wood cracking. At the same time, Kunming anticorrosive wood is particularly effective in contact with moist soil or hydrophilic, which can meet the requirements of 15-50 years of use in various outdoor climates.

      At present, the main raw materials of Kunming anticorrosive wood are Russian pine and southern pine in North America, while Russian pine and southern pine in the United States enter the Chinese market in staggering quantities every day.

      According to statistics, up to now, in addition to first-tier cities, dozens of second- and third-tier cities across the country have begun to use anti-corrosion wood in large quantities. The use of anti-corrosion wood in Kunming has evolved from the initial small-batch use of outdoor fences to a new development stage of overall use of anti-corrosion wood such as garden wooden houses, indoor furniture, and hotel decorations.

      On the whole, Kunming anticorrosive wood will bring a complete ecological chain of raw material transportation, semi-finished products processing, finished product sales and later maintenance to the timber market. The market for cost-effective anticorrosive wood is worth looking forward to.