Why is preservative wood used in tourist attractions?

2020-09-08 15:02:40 hongling

When you go out to play, you will always see wooden benches ready to sit and wooden houses that can be seen in each service area, especially near the wooden floor, you can always see decorative flower boxes, flower stands and wooden Long Corridor, today I will briefly talk about why tourist attractions like to use Kunming anticorrosive wood as a raw material.

       In recent years, some tourist attractions and public places will place any articles made of anticorrosive wood processing in places that are not moving for a long time but are frequently used and easily damaged, such as outdoor benches, flower stands, flower boxes, wooden floors, wooden houses, wooden railings, Street signs, warm reminders, wooden bridges, etc., various decorations made of Kunming anticorrosive wood. After the construction of Kunming anticorrosive wood is completed, try to paint with special oil-based protective coatings to protect and improve the wood. Kunming anticorrosive wood has good water resistance, and it is difficult for water to penetrate into the wood. It can be exposed to wind and sun for a long time outdoors It will not be damaged when exposed to the sun and keep its original color. It is most practical in public places with a large circulation of people.